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Nepsera offers a wide range of Clothing, Accessories ,Home and Living options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a casual outfit for a weekend getaway or a chic attire for a formal occasion, Nepsera has got you covered.

Nepsera Collection features the latest fashion trends, high-quality materials and comfortable designs to ensure you look and feel great. From casual wear, office wear, party wear to special occasion outfits, Nepsera has a diverse range of options to choose from.

Apart from clothing, Nepsera also offer a wide range of accessories such as bags, jewelry, hats and more to complete your look. Whether you are looking for a statement piece or a simple accessory to complement your outfit, Nepsera has got you covered.

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  • Authentic Collections for any occasions

    The whole process of making this product provides much needed jobs to many people and greatly helps to develop a small community of Kathmandu, Nepal. So, you can be proud owner of this High quality Cashmere product. It is beautifully and becomes softer and softer the longer you use.

    Our products are ethnically sourced soft and cozy which are perfect for keeping you warm in the winter or any occasion.
    Perfect for wedding, Birthday gift, anniversary gift, evening BBQ’s, Yoga, Camping, Travel by flight, train , Mediation and many other wonderful times.
    Our Blankets make the perfect gift for her or him! Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day, give them a Blanket to snuggle into when you are not there to give them a friendly hug.


Keep your arm cozy and colorful with these wool knit hand warmers/Leg Warmer and Head Bands from the Nepsera Collection. The warm fleece lining will keep your arms toasty in colder weather, while the rainbow stripes add a fun and playful touch to your outfit. As these arm warmers are handmade, slight differences and minor imperfections are to be expected, adding to their unique and individual charm. The one size fits all design ensures a comfortable fit for most wearers, and the wool fabric will stretch and give with wear. To care for these warmers and Bands, hand wash them gently. These arm warmers are made in Nepal, adding to their exotic and bohemian appeal. Measuring at approximately 21cm in length, they are available in One Size. The Nepsera Collection brand is known for their high-quality, ethically-made products. To keep these hand warmers in top condition, it is recommended to hand wash them. They originate from Nepal, where skilled artisans crafted them with love and attention to detail.