Collab Hub/Sellers Terms and Conditions

  1. Brands must provide high-quality products that meet the standards of Nepsera Collections.
  2. Brands must provide clear and accurate product descriptions, pricing, and shipping information.
  3. Brands must provide valid contact information and promptly respond to any inquiries or customer service issues.
  4. Brands must adhere to all local and national laws and regulations regarding the sale and distribution of their products.
  5. Nepsera Collections reserves the right to remove any brand or products from our platform at any time for any reason.
  6. Nepsera Collections will not be held responsible for any issues or damages caused by the products sold by the brand.
  7. Brands must adhere to all copyright and intellectual property laws and will be solely responsible for any violations.
  8. Brands may not use Nepsera Collections to sell counterfeit, fake, or illegal products.
  9. Brands will be responsible for all taxes and fees associated with the sale of their products.
  10. Brands may not use the Nepsera Collections platform for spamming or unethical marketing practices.
  11. Any changes to the terms and conditions must be agreed upon in writing by both Nepsera Collections and the brand.

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