Selling Partner

Nepsera Collection is collaborating with Aamui, a small handmade business in Nepal, to bring baby accessories to the market. Supporting and promoting small businesses like Aamui is a great way to encourage creativity, sustainability, and diversity in the handmade industry.
Collaborations like this can be a win-win situation for both parties involved. Nepsera Collection can offer their expertise in marketing, distribution, and branding to help Aamui grow and expand their reach. In return, Aamui can provide unique and high-quality handmade products that complement Nepsera Collection's existing offerings and appeal to a wider audience.It's important to recognize the value of small businesses, especially those that are focused on handmade goods. These businesses often operate on a smaller scale, which allows them to put more care and attention into each product. Additionally, we can provide employment opportunities and support local communities. By promoting Aamui's handmade products, Nepsera Collection is helping to showcase the beauty and quality of Nepalese craftsmanship to the rest of the world.
Together, we are dedicated to creating a positive impact on our local communities and promoting the value of handmade crafts. We hope that our customers will appreciate the love and care that goes into each product and cherish them for years to come.

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